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Written by Alma Claire / Art by Anna Rose

I am alone and I am lonely and yes,

There is a difference.


Half of my friends are across an ocean

Half of them are undiscovered

And all of them I do not truly know.


I am part of no

Group chats

Ugly snaps

Insta tags.


Inside jokes are a mystery to me

I’ve never stayed out laughing until three It’s hard to remember how to be

I’m out of practice in being me.


Can I recall the last time I hugged someone?

The last time I danced?

When have I ever had a pizza party?


A year of being alone and lonely.

And yes,

There is a difference.


I am alone on Friday nights

On Monday mornings.

When I have good news

Or tough decisions.

I am alone.


I am lonely while scrolling my social media.

While I watch like an outsider

as you gather in groups.


I long to have friends again. Just one.

I miss

Being a friend.

I am alone and I am lonely and yes,

There is a difference.

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