Written by Alma Claire / Art by Jeanelle Van Der Merwe

I want to start over.

Can we try again?

I want to go back to ‘way back when’


when you looked at me and didn’t know my sins,

when you hadn’t seen the ugly darkness within.


I wish I could erase it all.

Can we pretend we don’t know each other at all?


I want that new love, first touch, ‘do I look good enough?’

that butterfly in throat, naive hope, vision blurred like smoke,


I want the feeling of being a stranger to you

because strangers don’t know that my favourite colour is blue;

they can’t buy me flowers or play ‘three lies one truth’.


Strangers still think I have it all together.


Maybe I should slam a rock into your head,

hard enough to make you forget.


Or maybe I should google how to make a ‘forgetting pill’

and give it to you pretending that it’s advil.


And if that’s too crazy I think I need to run away

because I don’t think I can stay

if you know me.


I know we can’t start over, or make you forget me, so we need end this.

Give me one last ‘I know your ugly darkness and love you anyway’ kiss –


even though I don’t deserve it.

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