Family - Trauma


Written by Alma Claire / Art by Joyce Lee

we are the children of darkness and monsters;

hiding from the light in the shadows of imposters.


so hollow and empty are daddy’s eyes

and his pain is rotting from the inside

and he never cries.


we are the babies of the masks and veils,

shame fuels his engine and ego fills his sails


so grand and golden are his stories

seeking admirers and handpicking his jury

thirsty for glory.


we are the young of bullies and brutes

they are charming lies dressed up in suits


so hungry for thrills to remind him he’s alive

he feasts on facade and is full up on pride

in plain sight he hides


we are the children of cowards in crowns;

satisfied only when we all bow down


so vain mummy would drown in her own reflection

I need her to love me so I give her perfection

I beg, no rejection.


we are the children of priests who are sinners

and the losers who desperately want to be winners


so broken she breaks all the glass in my bones

and starves me of knowing the things that I know

choking on stones


we are the ones born from monsters in the dark

but ours are some of the most beautiful hearts

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