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Croatian Sea

Written by Kat Wallace / Art by Joyce Lee

We are made up of 60% water. It glistens and invites me in. I go so far my feet depart the sand and now float, held by the salty liquid that surrounds me.

Under here no one can hear you scream.

There is a split second when you decide whether to break the waves above and take a breath; or remain below, feeling your cells bursting and lungs screaming for oxygen.

You are alone here.

You catch a glimpse of colour, flashing past underneath.

There lies another world.

One never seen, but in here it feels familiar.

The fish all seem happy and free,

Darting around,

Chasing another.

Or they are swimming away.

Swimming away from something so dark and gloomy that hangs above.

That is what I am doing.

I am a fish.

I am a fish in this world of people, trying to find my ocean.

In the sea, the waves whispers guide you. On land, my thoughts are deafening. My paths are restricted. Limbs must move in an orderly manner. There is no freedom here. The horizon is strict, completed by concrete walls and flashing lights.

The blue is calming.

Above, blue. Horizon, blue.

I bob.

There is no end.

Drifting to limitless walls.

Feeling the water splash against my skin,

Sliding over me.

I am wet.

Am I now 100% water?

My mind is clear, transparent like H2O.

Time does not exist here.

Keep going. Stroke, paddle, glide,

This is the closest to escaping I will ever get.

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