Do you feel it too?

Written by Alma Claire / Art by Joshua Ben

there is a fear

pulsating beneath the surface;

an itchiness and an unease that is tingling on the skin of the earth


do you feel it too?


once upon a time water was turned into wine and people believe someone might save them. 


but there is a darkness now – a kind of rip in the fabric of society, a hole where faith in justice and democracy used to be


there is a fear

flushing the cheeks and flooding the veins

of people of different colours and ages


a fear of the ‘other’

– not like me –

when will ‘different’ cease to be ‘dangerous’ and when will this division evade us?


maybe the world has turned upside down

or maybe there is no up and no down. 


there is a fear

but I sense a fight within us too;

a fight to what’s broken between me and you


people are waking up 

from millennia of ignorant slumber 

and perhaps now is the time for revolution and thunder 


there is hope

pulsating beneath the surface;

an burning desire for change that is tingling on the skin of the earth


do you feel it too?

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