Crystal Healing


Written by Cassandra Seidel / Art by Joshua Ben

Earth Day offers us all a chance to reconnect with and rediscover what it means to be aware of the planet we walk on. From day to day many of us may feel sluggish, uninspired and unaware of the power that lies on this Earth. There are many healing modalities and ways to find the ground beneath our feet. Crystal healing is a practice that directly links our energy to a pure mineral source. Everything we see, feel or experience, is a collection of energetic charges that are interacting within a background of electromagnetic charges. This is why we can work with crystals, to interact with our energy as human beings. Information is simply transmitted between the crystal and the human, picking up on frequencies in each other’s fields. Crystals with the correct properties can resonate with a particular condition in a human being. The Sumerians, Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks all believed in the healing properties of crystals; they were used in magical formulas, jewellery and to prevent health issues.

On this Earth Day, we invite you to work with minerals and find your centre once more, which is particularly important during this anxiety-inducing time. Many of us are sitting behind laptops, in big cities or in nationwide lockdowns. We can lose touch with nature and with what it means to feel connected to a life beyond the pandemic. The physical body has seven major chakra centres which receive physical, emotional and spiritual energy. The ideal state of well-being would be, to have all your chakra centres balanced. Each of the chakra centres are associated with an area within the body and have specific colours associated with them. In order to find a grounding feeling through all of this change, we can work on our ‘Muladhara’ otherwise referred to as the ‘Root Chakra’. This chakra works with the colours red and black. By working with our chakras we can choose the right stones for the healing energy we are seeking. ‘Muladhara’ is located at the base of the spine and enhances emotional and spiritual balance, as well as reconnecting to the feeling of being ‘rooted’ in who you are.

The following stones are warming, energising and stimulating stones to enhance the ‘Muladhara’:

Garnet: reflects a powerful red ray energy, builds up life-force energy and purpose to face all of life’s obstacles. It will give you a firm feeling of being grounded and that you have a sound foundation to move towards life with.

Bloodstone: a stone that offers stamina and strength when a period of difficulty presents itself. Bloodstone helps you clear doubts, clear blockages and experiences from past lives.

Red Tiger’s Eye: If you are looking for personal power this is the stone to work with. It gives you endurance and patience amidst obstacles.

Red Jasper: If you feel weak and very influenced by what others think of you, this stone will help protect your energy and assert you towards feeling comfortable in your skin.

Once you have chosen your grounding stone, you may be confused about ways to work with your stone. Make sure you cleanse your stone with salted water, or sea water before working with it. Place your stone in the bowl of water under the moonlight overnight. You want to use your stone when it has been purified for your use, free of anyone else and their energy fields. Then ask your stone for what you want. If that is a feeling of strength, keep your stone close during your meditative practices. You can also carry your stone with you (I have carried a small bloodstone in my bag for a year, to keep my stamina up during the pandemic.) Your stone is a gentle reminder that you can cultivate that feeling and sense of belonging within yourself. Find some sunlight and charge your stone for an hour a week to renew the stone’s energy.

Crystals offer us a natural, energy-balanced way to work with the Earth; to remember its existence and to be conscious of our own energies and how we feel.

Happy Earth Day! Hold your crystals close.


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