Family - Poetry


Written by Alma Claire / Art by Uyanda Mabuza

he will say sorry

and tell you all the ways he has hurt you;

pretend he knows the ways he has broken you

used you

abused you


(and he cannot truly know, never will, doesn’t want to)


but he will say sorry.


he will say sorry

to reel you back in and forgive all his sins

because he promises ‘it will be different this time’;

that he will change this time,

give up the cheating and gambling and lies


(but he cannot change, never will, doesn’t want to)


still, he will say sorry.


he will say sorry,

not because he is or because he understands what he has done,

not because he thinks you are deserving of love,

but because he needs you; his source of supply,

and so he will use a million tactics and try

to play the victim and maybe even cry.


he might even rage and use shame,

anything to get you play along again,

because that’s his game:


getting what he wants, no matter the cost


so he will say sorry.

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