Showing Love to Your Inner Child.

Written by ALMA CLAIRE / Art by F

hello little one, sitting deep inside me,

the child that feels lost and abandoned and lonely


i know you are hurting and you want to feel safe

but you keep looking and searching in the wrong place


you won’t find joy from trying to fit in,

trying to be beautiful or perfect or ‘thin’


joy comes from dancing in your room or staring at the moon,

from laughing and singing your favourite tune


you won’t feel safe while you’re people-pleasing

or smiling when you’re sad or hiding your bleeding


you find safety in knowing you’re ok on your own

the you are your own best friend and home


you won’t find peace in scrolling or starving

shrinking yourself and your life isn’t charming


peace lies in all the moments you are authentic and true;

all the times you don’t numb and instead move through


oh little one, sitting deep inside me,

you are safe and loved and taken care of by me.

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