Healing our inner child

Hold Yourself

Written by Alma Claire / Art by Uyanda Mabuza

hold yourself, like the small child that you are.

hold yourself while the world outside rages,

while chaos reigns and the skies rain,

hold yourself through all that pain.


hold yourself, in all your beautiful messiness.

hold yourself even as the fear grips your throat,

even as your wrath makes you choke,

hold yourself even in the flames and the smoke.


hold yourself, when you feel lonely and alone.

hold yourself when you want somebody else to,

when you wish what is real wasn’t true,

hold yourself even when you don’t want to.


hold yourself, with the compassion you are worthy of.

hold yourself with gentle strokes and tender touch,

with all the grace and abundance of divine love,


hold yourself until you know

deep in your bones

that you are 


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