Imperfect. Flawed. Human.

Written by ALMA CLAIRE / Art by Felixa Rossi

So you failed. 

So: you failed. 

The question is will you flail?

Will you flail and splutter

and drown in the gutter? 


I know it burned. 

I know. It burned. 

Your cheeks flamed rouge

and your ego was bruised;

pinching yourself black and blue

This Is Not A Dream. 


This is not a dream. 

You have to face it…

all of it. 

The shame and the fear and the cause of it. 


So you can curl up and cry

or shrivel and die 

but know that this lie

-that you can live without making mistakes-

will eat you alive.


You. Are. Strong. 

You are strong and graceful and brave 

so please don’t be a slave

to society’s laws of perfection. 


To be perfect is to be human:

And to be human is to fall. 

Don’t you ever feel unworthy or small

For making a mistake. 


Make mistakes!

My God how lucky you are to make mistakes. 

It is a sign of privilege,

the marker of a life of wealth:

rich in love and in health,

for mistakes are a luxury to afford. 


So you failed?

So you failed. 

So what? You failed. 


Stitch up your pride and lick your wounds

Don’t try to hide, go howl at the moon

and scream out, with wild abandon, that you are:





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