Written by Alma Claire / Art by Nina Formanek

wake to the sound of a bird singing just beyond the glass

and let your primal brain remember a time from the past;

a time when you could simply watch burning amber rise,

when mornings were quiet as light washed over the sky.


plug in earphones and find that spotify playlist: ‘nature sounds’

let yourself sink into a world where a waterfall is falling down,

let your mind weave lush forests and blue lagoons behind your eyes,

let the sacred stillness still the noise and stop time.


find the in out, back forth flow of your flowing breath

and feel the space filled with light at the base of your neck;

see the distance between the voice that speaks and the thing that hears

and breathe and breathe and breathe until the noise disappears.


little pocket of twenty morning minutes, escaping the ‘here’

then open your eyes and come back to earth from ‘there’

– the buzzing beneath skin and returning of feeling to flesh –

mind free, heart open, soul full, day fresh.

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