Written by Alma Claire / Art by Joyce Lee

she goes back for more and more,

like she hasn’t been down this road before

or tried this door

or walked this floor;

like her skin’s not bleeding and open and raw


she goes back for more and more

pretending she cannot see his flaws

or the cuts and sores

and pain that she bore

waiting for him to be something else and something more


she goes back for more and more

not because she loves the aching gnaw

or the ugliness of a lover’s war,

not because she wants to explore

all the ways she can be abused and abhorred


it is something more


she goes back for more and more

because someone told her that’s what ‘empathy’ is called;

the going back for more and more

even when you see their flaws

even when you ache in your core –


but they are wrong.


empathy is learning to sit from afar;

to hold space for others without getting more scars,

empathy means empathy for you too,

and that means boundaries between them and you,

empathy is putting a plaster on a vein

without cutting oneself to feel ‘the same’


going back for more and more

when you’re skin is bleeding and raw,

when you know you are walking into a war

does not make you kind human being…

it makes you someone who is desperate to be loved and heard and known and seen

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