Family - Poetry


Written by Alma Claire / Art by Nina Formanek

“that’s in the past,

its over” he says.


(the gambling and the lying is all in my head)


“it’s time to move on,

stop bringing it up”


(maybe I imagined all the ways he fucked up)


“that was yesterday

today is today”


(he promises that this time he will change)


“let’s start fresh,

a brand new slate”


(I need to forget the ways I’ve been hurt and betrayed)


“what’s done is done,

so stop the shouting and crying”


(suddenly I remember the gambling and lying,

the fucking up and never changing and gas lighting;

I deserve to be hurt by the things he’s done

and he deserves to be held accountable this once)


“that’s in the past,

its over” he says.




not this time.


you don’t get to ‘start fresh’

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