Written by Alma Claire / Art by Anna Rose

sometimes I imagine that I was an alien,

a foreign thing from a far away planet,

eyes glued to the earth like a magnet:


I wonder about the way humans must look,

when the sun is setting on december thirty first

and suddenly strange rituals like counting in reverse


drinks that glow gold and bubble overflow,

wild and colourful lights explode in the sky,

ball on a sky scraper falls from up high


the humans smile and dance in the dark,

they kiss each other when they get down to ‘one’

and then a song they all seem to know gets sung


and me, the alien, eyes glued to the earth

notices that just for one of time’s longest minutes,

all the pain of past and fear of future is suspended;


the humans seem happy (even if only for a while)

they seem to think this revolution of the earth means something more,

that midnight means ‘new’ and the disappearing of sins from ‘before’


I like this ritual; the hugging and drinking and counting

and for all their flaws, the destruction and wars, the pain they cause,

humans on december thirty first make my alien insides warm.

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