Written by Alma Claire / Art by Joyce Lee

Sunshine seems afraid of me;

avoiding my gaze and cowering away

she left me to her brother Shadow.


I see her golden flecks shimmer on the skin of my friends and foes alike;

gentle buzzing on a milky lake

I am cool in the shade

and don’t long for beating heat

or ache for that cloaking warmth

until I think about it.


and when I think about it

I feel as though I am on fire.


Sometimes I wonder how she chooses where her light lands;

how she decides who gets kissed by her rays and who is shunned away into the dark.


Perhaps I have some look in my eye like I am longing to be alone, or maybe she sees something in me… some dirty twisted sick

secret that makes her recoil.

Maybe that’s why Sunshine seems afraid of me: maybe I am not worthy of her light.


Brother Shadow is fine enough; he keeps me cool and I don’t get get burned but I do yearn


and to yearn is for the soul to cry.


I wish she would choose me,


I wish I could feel her golden flecks shimmer on my skin and that she would let me in

to the land of the light.

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