Written by Cassandra Seidel / Art by Cassandra Seidel

You conned me into “us”

My heart

My life

My love


Just like that you switched

Crying in my bed

You were sorry

The buzz of nothing

Your trauma lingering in my sheets




I pray for a change

You sit across, dazed eyes

Refusing my love

Speaking in circles


You choose to walk away

From us

For yourself

To sting the next woman with a gentle heart


Whisper to her

At midnight

Embrace all your wounds

With understanding




I say goodbye

To the person I thought you were

Who I grew to love

Now I am swimming in the Mediterranean sea

With an exhausted heart


Floating in a hurricane of questions

Finding my way back

To the smell of spring

Cherry blossom trees, olive oil on my skin

Keep on dancing under the sun

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