Vogue Warrior

Written by Alma Claire / Art by Anna

what would happen

if I stopped trying to be vogue?

maybe a rush of self love

would fill me up; overload.


does the voice in your head

not leave you tired?

how long will it take

’til you’re bored of your lies?


washed up excuses

on fucking repeat.

tongue burning my mouth

and I can’t stand the heat


oh god I’ve heard this all before.

wish I’d try something new –

keep doing the same

so I’m insane de ja vu


so self centred and

so self obsessed,

stopped going to church

but still hashtag blessed.


overwhelmed by the

weight of the world,

scared for the planet

and for all of the girls:


rape is commonplace

corruption got an orange face

division is our Black Plague

biggest disease is the hate


spreading like a virus

plastic choking the environment.


but by all means yes,

I’ll carry on taking photos;

edit and filter and caption and pose


just trying to be young

just trying to be free

didn’t ask for this pain

outside and inside of me


if I carry on scrolling

maybe real life will go away.

if I stop watching the news

maybe real life will be ok.


oh stupid little child

what a naive fantasy

wake up and look around

face your fucking reality


your grandmothers fought for you

the path has been paved for you

your ancestors stand with you:

your time to be a warrior too.

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