CULTURE - Poetry


Written by Alma Claire / Art by Sophie Blank

I wish we hadn’t made ourselves machines;

that we didn’t have to pretend and make believe

that the same cycles of rot and decay and wasting away

and then blooming under the golden dawn of a new day

– like our flower friends –

is not the way we were designed to be.


I wonder about how different life would be

if we moved in time with the tides of the moon and the sea;

if business boomed through the long summer days

and then the grey, cold slowing down of pace

– if we followed nature’s ebb and flow –

if all of this couldn’t make us free…


Free to live in sync with the pulsing of the Earth,

surrendering to the constancy of death and rebirth

instead of unsustainably pushing for constant growth,

instead of being slaves to some imagined oath

– ‘I do solemnly swear to be a cog’ –

what if we returned to being beings…


instead of making ourselves machines.

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